All the voices Part II

I don't really remember doubting myself as a kid.  I mean, I'm sure I did, but it must not have been that often because it doesn't overtly represent any period of my childhood that I can recall.  Which is a good thing and something I am very grateful for.  Perhaps it was encouraging teachers, perhaps it was childhood "ignorance is bliss", perhaps I just didn't care that much about being particularly good at any one thing.  

But, I can tell you that I have experienced it all too much as an adult. Whether its doubt in my ability as a Mom or in the way I look.  It's all there.  And I can only imagine its there for others too!

My first real memory of experiencing self-doubt was when I got rejected from vet school the first year I applied and then subsequently wait-listed and eventually rejected the next year.  I came insanely close to not applying that third time.

When do we accept that perhaps we aren't good enough?  When do we redirect our attention to pursuing something else?  Does it mean we are giving up? How do we respond to that voice?  

I, for one, am not here to tell you what the answer is.  Perhaps there is no right or wrong answer.  

For me, I applied that third time and was accepted.  I went on to graduate magna cum laude...bla bla bla.  Point is- I think we can always persevere. Quite frankly, I could have not applied to veterinary school that third time and found my love for art sooner...but maybe I would have never found art had I not gone to vet school.

Funny enough, I have that degree that I once thought impossible to attain and here I am wondering if I am good enough to be an artist.  

Perhaps the voice of self-doubt is all we need to grow. 

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